Club Information



Taunton Deane SC is a multi-disciplinary aquatics club which offers training and competition in Swimming, Synchronised swimming and Water Polo. The Club provides both competitive and recreational pathways in all disciplines. 

The club’s competitive swimming section offers training for children and adults with a performance pathway from pre-competitive to elite level training and competition. Our Masters section also caters for both recreational swimming and for those who wish to compete at all levels.

Our vision is to:

TDSC believes that every swimmer has a different journey and we seek to support that journey through the provision of flexible pathways to engage in aquatics that caters for different interests and commitments.

The Club aims to:

Club Training

On joining the Club, a swimmer is allocated to the squad that is suitable to their needs and commitment level. The decision as to placement of a swimmer in a squad is solely at the discretion of the coaching team.

Non Performance Squads


A gradual increase in swimming frequency with a focus on skill development in a fun environment

The Academy section of TDSC is focused on skills and development. This is focused on Swim School Levels 5-7 moving from one session a week through to three sessions in preparation for competitive swimming or alternative swimming journeys.

Under the experienced guidance of the coaching team, swimmers focus on their skills to progress their swimming journey - whether that is competitive swimming or one of the other paths on offer. 

In the Academy section, there may be an opportunity to compete in events such as the “Cotswald’s Cup” to begin experiencing competition at a local level. 


To develop an enjoyment in swimming fitness at all levels as part of a healthy lifestyle and supported within a fun and social environment with the benefit of coaches and support to achieve individual goals.

Many swimmers on moving up from Academy will not necessarily wish to commit to a competitive pathway. This may be for any number of reasons from those who do not wish to compete or may not have the time to balance competitive swimming with their other interests. Junior Club provides a fully coached program focussing on skills and development in a relaxed environment with the ability to join L4 Club events if the swimmer so wishes. 


Junior tri has seen rising popularity with events such as “try-tri” making this a development option for young athletes as a pathway into the sport

 option for young athletes

Many young swimmers are beginning to focus on a triathlon pathway rather than traditional competitive swimming as their main interest. This group is led by an experienced triathlete coach with a range of activities suited to development in the sport. 


Adults who wish to train in a coached environment to work towards individual goals including competing.

The TDSC Masters program offers adults complete flexibility to fit their swimming around their requirements.

Competitive Swimming

Competitive swimming at county, regional and national level supported by experienced coaching with a regular competition schedule

TDSC provides five performance squads that support a competitive swimmer according to their ability and commitment.

Land Training

Land training is a key component of a swimmer’s development and is provided as a supplement to appropriate squads usually from P3 and above. 

Performance Training

P1, P2 and P3 constitute the Club’s performance program and athletes are expected to aspire to national competition. Minimum attendance levels will be set by the coach. This will constitute a minimum for all members of the squad but there may be higher attendance levels set for individuals depending on their ability and level as well as deviations agreed for injury or new members of the group. If an athlete is not able to meet the commitment required for membership of the group, the coach will initially discuss with the swimmer but as a second step will meet to discuss attendance with the parent/guardian. If the swimmer is not able to commit to the necessary attendance required, the Club reserves the right to allocate the swimmer to a more appropriate group based on the recommendation of the coaching team.