Performance 2


Performance 2 is the second highest training squad at Taunton Deane Swimming Club and athletes selected for this squad will have gained Regional Qualifying times, Consideration times or be very close to the time standards required for Regional Qualifying. The squad has a minimum attendance requirement of 5 sessions per week. Athletes in P2 are either in the Age or Youth sections of the squad (age/maturation levels). Age athletes start at a maximum of 5 sessions per week adding extra sessions one step at a time. Youth start at a minimum of 5 sessions. When adding morning sessions athletes will start with 60min sessions (from exit time). Athletes should discuss any attendance concerns or issues with the coach. All athletes in P2 will compete regularly in both team and individual galas.

P2 athletes will receive individualised training and competition programme with targeted swim meets, targeted events and a personalised land conditioning development plan. In exam periods, athletes will receive a structured reduction in training hours to be able to maintain the minimum attendance requirement. The main target meets for this squad: (Early season) L2 Short Course Regionals and Nationals; (Mid-Season) Counties, L1 Long Course, TDSC L3 and Regional Champs; (Late Season) L1 Long Course, TBC L3, British Champs, English Nationals and Welsh Open.

Minimum criteria to move into this group are based on the following things:

15x100 @1:30

5 fly kicks off every wall in training

Coachability: Listens well, works hard to develop technique and skills

Great Work Ethic

Great Teammate

Competes regularly in target meets plus others and team competitions

Kit Requirements :

Injury & Illness

After illness, a structure reintegration programme will be followed building back to full attendance. If athletes become injured a structured land conditioning/pool programme will be followed during training sessions.

Swimmers in this squad will be measured standing/sitting height, arm span and assessed to help their functional movement through their physical development.

Training Sessions start promptly and athletes need to arrive ready to start on time.

Total 8 Sessions

Failure to continually comply with the above standards may result in athletes losing their position in the squad.